Friday, February 21, 2014

Today I write about a win, not a loss. I have to appreciate this one!

It's been a rough week, actually a rough few weeks.  My mother was diagnosed with parathyroid disease.  This has been going on for a few years, undiagnosed by a useless doctor she was very attached to for years.  Finally, he retires, and his partner tells her she needs to get surgery.  She is very upset, she dislikes him, she does NOT want to deal with reality.

I get a hold of her last few years of blood work and realize that, yes, in fact, she is in danger.  When your parathyroid glands become abnormal or get growths on them, they prevent the bones in your body from absorbing the much needed calcium a woman needs.  Mom went for a recent bone density test and was diagnosed in the 10th worst percentile for her age group.  This is a very serious condition.

I have now realized that although I have never physically been able to become a mother, and never will, the rolls of course have reversed, and I had to get tough as mom was being very difficult in denial, her safe little world that she lives in.  I had to play mom to her, and demand she behave.

I seeked out and researched the best of the best to find the right doctor and forced her to move forward immediately to begin the process of fixing this disease.  If it goes ignored and untreated, you are sure to lose years from your life, have heart troubles, dementia, many bad things that would deteriorate your life, and mom wasn't digesting it, so I had to act quickly and firmly.

It took me about 2 months to find the right surgeon, take mom for a multitude of test and scans, and then find out that not one but two of these bastards had to be removed, you have 4 in total.

Mom was freaked out and very angry but I was adament and would not let her push this off. She wanted to wait a few months, but I demanded we do this immediately.  This past Wednesday she had the surgery, and they took out the bad glands, and she is doing pretty good.

I am grateful that I found this great surgeon with some help from a few resources and research and although he was very business like and not a warm fuzzy guy, he got a damn big bear hug when he told me that she was okay, and as soon as the blood tests showed success, they would close her up (her neck) and she would go to recovery.  He exited pretty quickly from the waiting area after I hugged him, and then she ended up in recovery and was awake when I got there and squeezed my hand so strongly!

This today is a happy and grateful post.  I am grateful that my mom listened to me and went into the surgery like a soldier, I would have shit myself to be honest with you.

So some peace this weekend, and reflection that life does have some good and you have to open yourself up and appreciate it when it comes, no matter how bad the losses have gutted you, embrace the good as much as you can, drink it like fine wine because there hasn't been enough in my life lately to enjoy.

No talk about the infertile hell tonight, because tonight I celebrate my mom, who I love so much and am so grateful to have. 

But I promise there will be more bitching to come in the near future.  Good night.

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